Saturday, 11 March 2017


Hello Friends,

                      Here's a series of Outpours that will be communicated from me to you.. These Eye Openers have come late, BUT proper. These incidences have made me realize so many simple facts of Life.
                      I always wondered how people could spend precious moments discussing their Pets. Let me add here that I AM an Animal Lover too, and have kept ALL the possible Pets at home when small - Dogs, Rabbits,White rats, Chicks, Parrots, Cats; except Monkeys. It too had arrived for keeps but my Grandma (Nanna) put her foot down and gave the ultimatum, "Either he or me!" Dada, my elder brother, tried his utmost, even luring her by the promises that the Primate will be a companion and helping hand to her.....but all in vain.

                      But here l am talking about Self Imposed pets, whom You DON'T bring, they themselves barge into your place thinking it to be a Safe Haven AND you are obliged to make them feel so.

                      You see a stray female canine had become a Pet at my In-Laws' place. Papa and Ma talked about her as though she was a part of our family, discussed her well-being (she was rickety), enjoyed her antics, spoke about her achievements and felt blissfully happy when she rested near their feet in the evenings, in TOTAL SURRENDER.

                      It felt really weird. such spiritually high people finding solace in a BEZUBAAN (one who can't speak) animal. Till my husband befriended two tiny, hungry kittens..

                      Today, our day starts with their whereabouts, where they slept, where they spent their night, their safety, their meals.. Now we too talk about their playful acrobatics, their clumsy hunting techniques, their upbringing and their future.
                      How many times I had tried to have them caught and sent to Care Homes, requested the Security to bundle them up and drop them FAR from my house, stopped feeding them so that they stopped coming to us. I could not bear to see my small garden dug up for their Post meal Business.. I Didn't Want them around AT ALL.

                      Now it is an entirely different scene. We await their arrival in the morning, watch them tumble in their padded box and converse with them in the new language we have learnt. They are our good TIME PASS friends and we adore them.

                      You see NOW I understand why Papa and Ma found solace in that stray pet. They did not feel the absence of family members for a major part of the day, kept themselves occupied in these small talks and enjoyed their leisure. AND SO DO WE. Our son goes to work quite early, returns home pretty late and is a passionate musician. SO WE TOO find solace in talking about our cute Pass Times......

Friday, 30 December 2016


My Father-in-Law gave me a very sound advice as my Wedding Gift. . .(Papa knew about my spendthrift nature). Papa said, "Whenever you wish to acquire something/want to buy anything, ask yourself 3 questions:

  • Is that thing really necessary right now?
  • Will your work stop without it?
  • Is it within your means? In other words, does it suit your budget?
And if the answers are a 'YES' for all 3, then go for it at once, without a second thought.
If you follow this, you will always be happy and at peace, well looked after by the Almighty.

Believe me, but for a few slips, I did abide by these words. Whenever I stumbled on this track, my very practical husband (after all Papa's son) directed me to the right pathway - very lovingly and subtly.

Many years have passed, I am a 'sensible buyer' now, no more a spendthrift (almost) and quite contented with life, with very few desires. Yet, sometimes the yearning becomes too intense - mostly during 'Sale' periods and on seeing 'Buy 2 Get 2 Free' adverts. You see, old habits die hard. But many times, better sense prevails and I come back to the '3 Questions Mantra'.

Recently, there was a very tempting message on my cellphone. It said that if I buy a particular item within 2 days, I would get Rs 500/- off, being a 'First Citizen' card holder of that store. Feeling happy that atleast Rs 500 off would be an attractive part of that shopping spree, I broached the topic on the dining table. Out came a golden sentence from our son, "Ma, intelligent families buy things ONLY when they are actually needed.." In a flash, I could see Papa, rather hear him through this chap, after all the scion of the same stock. I had a quick change of heart, thinking and ideology, and gave up the idea of availing that offer.

I am grateful to the Almighty and thankful to Him - the 'legacy' will surely go on with this generation too, definitely carrying the values on to the next one.

Saturday, 26 November 2016


My Grandma always said," If you want to find God, seek Him in the garden". 

An enthusiastic gardener herself, she took pride in growing the largest Dahlias in her garden. My Father too was a keen gardener. Any twig or cutting, revived by his green fingers, under his loving care.

My husband has a similar passion and blessings - with green fingers, he loves plants and maintains a cute garden one can be proud of. He nurtures plants so lovingly that when they require cutting or pruning, the cut parts are NEVER discarded. They are either given to other plant-lovers, or pushed into another pot. Just for your information, we have a huge population of Clones at our place.

With almost one and a half hours of daily tending, we can boast of having a pretty Lung-space around our house and we love every part of it. We know where a new bud has arrived, when an inflorescence is going to bloom, and which plant has been neglected.

Our Puja room becomes radiant every morning with Hibiscus, Jasmines, Gardenia, Marigolds and Lotus, none bought from the market of course.

We have a beautiful assortment of roses too but somehow I feel we should pluck those flowers, which bloom only for a day. Everytime a rose blooms, it is offered mentally to the Lord remaining attached to the mother plant. This way, even He can admire and enjoy the beauty of His creation for a longer time - you see, a rose remains fresh for about 5-7 days on the plant.

And with so much of pain and labour, when we bring up our plants and wait for them to bloom in full glory, definitely we would not want them to be plucked mercilessly, right? But unfortunately, this is what happens. Some morning walkers have no qualms about inflicting such pain to these beautiful creatures and to us. I have coughed from my window to dissuade them, started the alarm of my clock to warn them, and flashed the light of my mobile to scare them of being clicked. But all in vain..
It works just  for a day or two.. Again the courageous fellow returns with no remorse, or if I may use the word, 'shame', and repeats the act. 

My peace of mind used to get shattered every time I watched helplessly, the ruining of my hibiscus plant by that 'religious person' - as my husband pacifies me saying, "He too is taking it for puja." I will definitely call such people thieves and strongly object to their behaviour, taking advantage of the goodness of people. 

Unable to contain my disgust against such people, it started telling on my nerves until . . . God made better sense prevail on my husband. Now he gets up early, plucks the flowers with full reverence and affection, keeps them in the basket, and goes back to sleep. I happily do my puja thereafter.

I now have another desire to be fulfilled. Maybe one of these days, another divine intervention would make him put on his walking shoes and go for morning walks - he is getting up as it is. Then I'll definitely say a prayer for that 'thief' and thank him from my heart!

Monday, 21 November 2016



I am not badly overweight, but I will fit into the category of FAT. Of course my family would not accept it - They say above the age of 50, it is okay to be this size.

But, I did suffer from a bloated feeling after meals, continuous pressure on my diaphragm and felt lethargic most of the time. Having read '101 ENCOURAGING STORIES About Dieting & Fitness And Finding What Works For You', I was totally inspired and encouraged to overlook the neatly stacked jars of tempting savories that go so well with the evening tea.

Two Quotes did the magic :
"A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips."
"Let things go waste, let them not assemble on your waist."

These lines proved to be the TURNING POINTS of my life. Today, I feel lighter (though not in kilos), happier, active and alive! That depressing feeling of heaviness has gone. I sleep soundly and respect myself a little more.

I resist the temptation of overindulgence, cook healthy meals, include fruits and greens in my daily menu AND completely agree with Jim Rohn who very  aptly said, "Take good care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.." Thank You Richard Simmons, May God Bless You.



Thursday, 10 November 2016

GOD'S WAYS......

"It is all for the best.."

My Grandmother always said this whenever anything upset me. Many a times I argued with her as certain things/ events did NOT suit that logic at THAT time.. But as the years went by, I became an ardent follower of this mantra..

 Among many incidences that proved these words correct, one is worth sharing AND WITH NO HESITATIONS whatsoever.

When the lady who kept my house clean and presentable (personally I do not like to call them 'maids') left  me in the lurch, my peaceful world came shattering down. She was REALLY good,
very trustworthy and an old-timer. None could replace her and this I realized pretty fast. At last, we decided that our Home is our Temple and we ourselves will keep it tidy and well-maintained.

Today, I actually bless that Lady and remain indebted to her as she transformed an arthritic, dependent, lazy woman into an agile, healthy, almost fit person who takes pride in saying,

"Age is just a number. You are as old or young as you feel.."

I am definitely NOT against Helpers but trust me, but we are much happier, healthier and peaceful if we do our chores ourselves, being more aware of the dusty nooks and corners of our abode, and more alert of the wrong and broom-unfriendly placements of our furniture.

One big additional advantage - the clutter is clearly visible hence its disposal too is faster.

Best thing is.. the WAIT is no longer there, the fear of getting the message of NOT ABLE TO COME when the phone rings early morning, is no more around and everything gets done according to our convenience and timings.

Once again, I thank The Almighty for working this way in our lives, making everything for good.. We are a Happy United Self dependent family today.

Thank You my dear Helper.. I am sure you too have a little peace and time for yourself now, having one house less to be looked after.

Monday, 7 November 2016


Why do reactions come only after something  has happened? Can't we react before that actually occurs? Seems a little odd, no? Since the reaction ONLY follows the action, right? YES...RIGHT but NOT RIGHT.. It actually varies, depending on SITUATIONS.

We shout at our maid only after she breaks our precious chinaware, not before, agreed? BUT can't we forewarn her beforehand itself? Better still, can't we avoid giving it to her?

I consider these too as REACTIONS and in a way, they ARE. Yes?

I recently lost my younger brother, seven years junior to me. Young, dashing, a tall and handsome lad, a jovial company with a keen sense of humour, and extremely carefree about his health. Never took his health conditions seriously though he saw his Doctor periodically, did not heed some of his advice and maintained a casual approach towards life.

Not because he didn't have a loving family - they doted on him. Nor because he was not well-off or successful - he was Heading a unit of a well known company. But because he thought the distress signals were not to be taken seriously as he was too young to be affected at his age.

Really sad and  most unfortunate, a major shock for the entire family, friends and colleagues.

I fully accept and believe what our Scriptures say. I know this is the rule of nature and am aware of destiny and its regulations.. Anybody who takes birth has to leave too.. Everybody's end is already decided.. What has to happen, will happen.. and ALL.

Agreed, but that DOES NOT mean that if I am a heart patient with high blood sugar levels, I should indulge in all the sweet and fried goodies available!!!

We must be rational, disciplined and caring, first two for ourselves. and last for 'ours' - those whose world starts with us and shatters without us.

IF ONLY my brother had taken care of himself.. If ONLY I had exercised the rights of an elder sister and had been firm with him.. IF ONLY . . .

Let me tell you all, that this feeling of IF ONLY haunts you throughout your life, the intensity being directly proportional to the closeness you shared with the Departed Soul.

Sunday, 6 November 2016


The other day one of the cars of our campus  was damaged due to the reckless behaviour of some residents who happen to be cricket enthusiasts, chose a leather ball perhaps - and it shattered the glass of one of the cars.

Reactions of the residents of my layout were quite mixed - some concerned, some unaffected, some critical and some took to giving precious advice. - "Should not park their cars near the Park" (The fact is the houses are in a row facing the Park and yes, not very close to the Park either).

What happened is not relevant but I was reminded of an incident that occurred while I was at  Gold Coast, Australia with my 11 students on an educational trip. A beautiful, touching experience of concern, consideration, empathy, love or may be 'Being Human'.

Cutting the details, it so happened that 5 of my boys were pure vegetarian, and I had also decided to be one, as my Father-in-law was worried that I may unknowingly consume kangaroo meat . So we were literally surviving on Pringles, Burgers and home packed 'Khakras'. I want to add here that being a vegetarian was not a good situation to survive in, as we were tourists, totally dependent on purchased foods.

That particular night, we got late in sight-seeing and decided to eat before returning to our hotel. My non-vegetarians had ample of options, so we vegetarians went to a restaurant nearby. It was pretty late and we hardly had any choices, being non-meat eaters. We did find a curry but it was very expensive - according to that day's budget. On calculating the prices, we found that we had enough to buy 6 plates of rice but not the curry. Plus, my boys wanted to have cokes also. I too did not have enough as I had bought small mementos for everybody back home, that being the last day in Australia. We were discussing options and still could not find a way out. Two of us opted out since we were not SO hungry, yet the complete meal could not be bought from the remaining dough.

Finally it was decided that we settle down with rice, two plates of curry and some complimentary sauces. While we waited for the food to be delivered, I felt very sad looking at the cherubic faces of my children whose mothers would have strangulated me, had they seen their precious ones eating THAT stuff.

At last, the food was served! Six plates of rice, six bowls of THAT CURRY, six glasses of tempting chilled fruit punch and potato wafers.

We informed the steward that, it should've been someone else's order as we were supposed to get only two plates of curry and six plates of rice as the sauces were already on the table. We could not believe when he said, "Yes Ma'm, it IS your order."

I went with the senior most boy to the counter to clarify. They confirmed the same and added that it was 'already  paid for'..

Actually, a Chinese couple had been a witness to our predicament and had decided to bring some cheer to us.. Total Strangers, without any expectations.. The most touching part was, they had already left without giving us a chance to show our gratitude AND LOVE..

Was that Humanity? Or Concern? Or Consideration? Pity, Sympathy, Empathy Or Genuine Love for Human Beings? TOTAL STRANGERS who may NEVER cross our pathways ever.. probably?

And here, where we rub shoulders with our fellow residents of the Layout, walk past them so often, attend get-togethers and exchange pleasantries???

What are we teaching our children? Being Honest, Upright and Empathetic OR being Critical, Aloof and Unconcerned?

Such beautiful words to ponder over..